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The New Brunswick Weightlifting Association (NBWA) has been resurrected after being dormant since the 1970’s. With strength sports gaining more and more popularity these past few years it is a very exciting time to be getting into the sport of Olympic style weightlifting. The NBWA is a not-for-profit incorporated provincial association, a member of the Canadian Weightlifting Federation (CWFHC) and also of Sport N-B.

The fundamental characteristics of Olympic weightlifting allow athletes to develop strength and power like no other sport. Weightlifting is unique in that it can benefit athletes in a variety of other sports, especially those requiring strength, speed and explosiveness.

The future is bright for those looking to learn, train and compete at all levels of the sport. The NBWA has programs for Junior, Senior and Master Athletes as well as coaches and officials.

On this site you will find information about the sport - how to train, where to train, what is required to compete, and much more. Check out results from past meets, and find upcoming events. And for the latest news and updates, you can find us on Facebook as well.